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Numbers is numbers

Hmmmmm.....   THE absolute BEST published time for a stock BMW 5spd 325i (and
the number was suspect, cuz with the 189hp rating the numbers didn't add up)
coupe is 6.7 seconds, average is 7.2....  Lots of cars on this net or the
road could take that....  Especially if you look at the gearing of the
bimmer, even the best of drivers would be hard pressed to beat some of the
lowly audis.....  The A4 with a 5spd is certainly right at the 7.0 mark, I've
knocked off 7 second times with torque braking a v8, and coming out of a
turn, which was the post, a v8 "on cam" can bury just about anything in
second gear.   0-60 The S4 is 6.0, the 200tq 20v is 6.2....  All in stock
trim.....  The 5ktq's of stageII fame can bang 6.5 seconds all day long, and
urq's are 7 second cars even stock.......  

I got a brother that can make the Miss Piggy (stealth vr4) dance with
published numbers, but there are few that really do that......  If you look
at real world or more of a "oh we're racing" title, lots of audis can make
the 325 drivers turn red.  M3 different story, M5 different story, but 325,
tho competent and pretty quick is hampered by the drivetrain, and more often
than not, the driver......  Not the case with your brother, or mine, but to
make it just plain fly is not it's strength, it gets ugly pushed 10/10's in
stock trim.....  Me thinks that really is THE advantage to AWD......  And in
the cases of the posts vs 325's a little knowlege of the true advantages can
stack the deck against the 3 pretty easy....  To handle first gear on a
325coupe without the passenger giving you a head clip for **shole driving
technique is just not easily done, BTDT