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Driveline Problems

Can anyone out there help me find a CV boot for the main drive shaft for my
864kCSQuatt?  Audi says that the drive shaft may only be replaced which
boggles my mind as there are two repairable CV's on it.  You guessed it, I
had a CV go bad, and rather than pay the $750 - $800 for a whole unit, I
rebuilt both of the CV's for $300.  Come to find out though that one of my
boots was bad.  

I went to Constant Velocity Inc.. in Everett, Washington for the repairs, and
the guys in the shop spent many hours trying to devise a boot that wouldn't
self destruct when spinning at those high RPM's.  First try was unsuccessful
and exploded at 80 mph, exactly.  The second boot, which seems a bit more
successful so far hasn't gone, but I see that a small portion of it has begun
to slide from out of the sleeve.

Does anyone know of a way to track down an OEM boot?  I've been to several
wrecking yards and all of the boots I found were bad, and they wanted me to
buy the entire drive shaft which I thought was silly.

If anyone can think of something, E-Mail me......HELP!!!!!