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Re.suspension bushings

>hschnei@ibm.net (Hans J. Schneider) said
>>>here in germany
>>>the bushings on the URQ and the Audi 80/90Q coupe until 86 are
>>>all the same.

>>>3. use the bushings german part number: 811 407 181 which are
>>>the bushings for the SportQuattro S1 ( Yes this is no typo!)
>>For those of us on a limited budget, some information on relative
>> prices would be very useful.

>You probably have to enlarge the bolt holes in your subframe as I recently
>found out these take larger bolts than the stock ones. I believe 10mm
>instead of 8mm. Nothing major, but necessary. Is this different on home
>market cars?

Hmmm....  On one of my bi-weekly trips to the dealer I had him check
on the bushing part number listed above. It turns out that this is the
stock TQC control arm bushing up through VIN D0581, on VIN D0582
they changed over to the 4000Q style suspension which uses a different
control arm bushing. I have replaced these bushings on my 83 ur-q with
the graphite impregnated urethane bushings from Sportwheels. I
pressed the stock bushings out with a small gear puller and installed the
graphite bushings with a flanged exhaust pipe, big vise and sockets.
The Sportwheels bushings cost around $70 a corner. And yes, they do
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 tqc
86 gt