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Bentley (used) WTB

Hello all,
Before I purchase a new Bentley manual for my '85 4kCQ I was wondering if 
anyone might have a good used one they might part with.  The best price I 
found anywhere for a new one was from Linda at Carlsen's, but it is still 
pretty steep even for a Bentley.  A used one anyone?

I bought this car from the original owner last spring to have for our college 
kid (home-for-summer) driver.  It is in EC, with real BBS wheels and some 
larger single lens headlights.  It was garaged and very well kept.  Previous 
owner even gave me the original window sticker and an unused Audi baseball 
cap that came with the car!

We didn't intend to keep the car because we really didn't need it, or AWD, 
and I was worried about upkeep on the AWD being expensive.  My wife has come 
to enjoy the car, and I'm satisfied I can handle the upkeep, although I'll 
say that I find great comfort in the folks on this list and the helpful 
information, especially Dan Simoes for the Page.

So, deal me in.

Thanks to all for all the great information.
Greg Mayer