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My Wheels vs. Struts question

Thanks for the preliminary Info on my (New wheels or struts?) question.

To those that asked, My struts are in fine shape, but I feel like they
lean a bit too much on the corners for my own comfort.  The tires on the 
other hand... *sigh*.  13" Bridgestone Turanza's with Stock wheels.  They
work great on dry pavement, but any water or snow and they are ALL OVER the 
place.  I almost bit a pylon underground at 30mph had I not floored it...
SO, nothing is WRONG per se, but could be better.

If your vote is for wheels, what size for my '84 4ks are best, and then what
tires to go with them so I don't lose the setup?

If you like the Struts option, Boge Gas?  Why?

My ROUGH estimate is about $1K for each option, is this about right?

Thanks again....

Chris Streit

84 4ks
71 Norton
87 Virago.