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Re: Strange engine shut-off

At 09:22 PM 1/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, folks!
>Today it happened to me for the third time in last couple months,
>and I decided to ask for your advice. 
>I drove at about 4000 rpm when I felt that my car (Audi Coupe '84) 
>did not react on pressing the gas pedal. Car started slowing down... 
>When I stopped on the shoulder, all warning lights switched on (as
>when you switch the ignition on before starting the engine) and I
>realized that engine did not work. When I tried to start the engine,
>it started and worked fine. As I mentioned this have happened to me 
>for the third time and it becomes annoying. Can someone give me
>an idea what to check (electrical connections? Some stuck valve?)
>Thank you,
You may want to check the ignition switch.  I've heard of this causing the
problem you're describing.


John Karasaki