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Re: SCREAMING 90 20v

I'll agree in general that weight can easily override horsepower, but in 
this case there's no need to speculate.  Here are Road & Track's numbers 
for the cars in question:
                 0-60  1/4mi.
90 Quattro 20v    9.4   16.9
t-bird SC         7.4   15.9

numbers are for cars with 5-speed manual.  

    -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)

> Probably not modified....
> Perhaps weight is a big factor here.... the power-to-weight ratio is
>  probably significant enough to make a difference.
> And is that SC equipped with an auto tranny? A manual tranny is easier to
>  keep the power up in the correct rev-band for max power... the auto 
>  has a mind of its own.... and doesn't like taking orders!! So, while the
>  auto tranny (SC?) is hunting for the proper gear..... it fades into the
>  distance..... 
> These two cars are probably too different enough to not even bother 
>  about it.... even if it does appear to be a David and Goliath story.
> $.02 deposited.
> Jim
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>                       Jim Griffin
>              JGriff@ix.netcom.com