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Re: struts vs. Tires.

185/60's usually come on a 14X5.5" or 14X6" wheel.  Check your wheels.  
If they're 5.5's, stick with the 185's.  If they're 6's, you could go to 
195.  I still wouldn't recommend it.  A 185/60/14 has a 7.2" tread 
width.  The wider the tread is in comparison to wheel width, the more 
rollover you get during cornering.  I have 14X7" Riken wheels and run 
195/60/14's (7.67" tread width).  I tried 205's once and didn't notice a 
difference.  I'd say 5.5" to 6" wheel width - stick with 185's.  For 6.5" 
to 7" - go with 195's.  The stock 4k non-q wheels are 5.5" I think, but 
not bigger than 6".  So 185's would be best.  

Just a personal recommendation.  If it's performance you're after, 
seriously consider Dunlops.  I bought some 195/60/14 D60M2's from Tire 
Rack a year or so ago for $58 each.  The "M2" is a softer compound rubber 
and stiffer sidewall than the "A2".  The A2 is a good tire also and will 
last considerably longer - comparable price.  But the M2 is an awesome 
performer - I highly recommend it if performance is your priority.  
You'll have to check, though.  I haven't seen them advertised lately.  
They may be discontinued since the arrival of the New A2.  Dunlop (IMO of 
course) makes the absolute best tires for our cars - especially the fwd 
ones that don't see tons of snow.  Just thoughts.  I was looking around 
on the net for opinions on tires one time and found an archive about 
them.  Some people loved Yoko's, others hated them.  Same with Pirelli's. 
BFG makes a good road tire (ie not high performance).  Everybody hated 
Goodyear.  Everybody loved Dunlop.  Especially the SP Sport 8000, the D40M2 
(incredibly positive about this tire - unfortunately only starts in 15" 
or 55 series 14"), D60M2, and the new improved D60A2 (especially JLB 

OK, I'm finally done.

'86 VW Quantum GL5
Mechanical Twin to the 4ks

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996 erolflyn@interaccess.com wrote:

> >If the car (4000) is not a quattro, use 185/60 tires.  I have used
> >both on my coupe and have found that the 185 (stock) width is better
> >all around.  The 4000 non-quattro is significantly lighter than the
> >quattro or the 5 cylinder cars making the narrower tire a better
> >compromise.  Some 4000 FWD models came with the 185/60-14 tires stock.
> >
> So 185/60's?  Can I get away with anything wider, what are the 
> advantages/disadvantages withgoing with a slightly WIDER tire?  
> Besides $$$ that is...
> >I vote for the Boge turbo-gas shocks also.
> Definitely the list consesus...  Now to find a good price...
> Chris
> '84 4ks
> '71 Norton Commando
> '87 Virago 535cc