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re: Fogging 5000......

>I've been experiencing the same thing in my V8.  Look under the hood,
>see the big plastic cover in front of the windshield.  I pulled the 
>passenger side corner up and took a look at the recirculation door.
>It was closed, no matter what setting I had the climate control on.
>I have yet to post anything on the net yet about how to fix it
>correctly. But I just stuck a block of wood in their to keep the door
>open.  No fogging since :-)  Now I know what is causing the fogging
>at least.
>As soon as it warms up around here (I'm in NH, snow hell this year......)
>I'll fix it correctly.....

My '88 5000CSTQ had a similar fogging problem. Minutes after getting into
the car, all the windows would fog up. Setting the climate control to the
Defrost setting helped a little but with more people in the car it couldn't
keep up.

The Fix....
I read a thread on here several months ago about a similar problem, the fix
being the recirculation flap. I took out my glove compartment and the glove
compartment liner and few other plastic pieces to gain access to the recirc
flap. The recirc flap is actuated be a vacuum servo. When the servo retracts
a "return" spring is supposed to pull the recirc flap closed. In my case
that spring was broken. Went to my friendly Ace hardware and bought a
similar spring for 97 cents. Reinstalled and the fogging problem has not
returned since.

Hope this helps!

Mark Wasil
'88 5000CSTQ
'90 100Q
'93 Passat GLX