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Rear fog light

   Regarding the thread going on about the rear fog light - I have also 
heard that it is on the left, because ( I guess this is more common in 
Europe ) You might have pulled over to the right side of the road for 
whatever reason. ( I'm talking about foggy conditions here ) You would 
then go ahead and poke the fog light button, and this way cars coming up 
behind you could see you pulled over there, and not rear end you, or 
throw their super-big-gulp out the window at that precise spot. Unless 
they're jerks anyway.
    I'm not sure why it was that you would be pulled over in the need of 
the fog light exactly though. Maybe if you didn't want to drive in fog 
that dense? You wanted to wait a couple of minutes for it to clear up? I 
have no idea... 
    I think it would also work well in a dense snowstorm, whiteout 
conditions. I have heard that in rain it is super bright and may blind 
someone ( well, not really - but have the effect of high beams in your 
eyes ), however I have stood behind my car in the rain and snow with this 
fog light on to see what I thought, and I didn't think it was that 
bright. So who knows? Who cares. Just go for it in poor visibility.

Brooks   '  My fog light fell out of the socket one time, and I shut the
            trunk on it, it broke, and is currently non-functional  '