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mysterious fuel problems

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huh? that's NOT how it's done?!?

The 4000sq (84) is still running well, and changing the plastic
fuel filter seems to have completely cured the problem going around
sharp curves and losing power.  Probably the junk in it was blocking
fuel flow...

I still have a couple of problems:

- gas milage is horrible, 19.5mpg on a long trip, worse if it snows.
  A guy with an 85 gets 27-28.  We've got oxygenated gas now
  but it should be better than this.

- if I drive fast (like on the parkway) then stop (exit ramp),
   I can smell fuel when I stop and as I take off again.  Not
  an overpowering smell, but noticable.

And sometimes:

- car seems to stumble at 3000-3500 rpm cruising in 5th gear.  If 
  I downshift to 4th and floor it, go back to 5th, it's gone.  
  But this is intermittent.

The last problem made me suspect the fuel pump.  My father thinks
the injectors may be bad, but my question to him was, "wouldn't
a clogged injector send less fuel to the engine and cause fuel 
starvation, not a too-rich condition, and therefore actually
improve gas milage?"  He didn't think so.

So... if you've got any ideas let me know.  Every other part
of the fuel system was checked after I got it (sensors, etc)
and the car is fully tuned (timing, new cap, rotor, wires, etc).
I've run some Techron through it too.  Oh, new injector seals


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