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re:rear fog lights

Well, both my cars - the Audi 200 and the Volvo, have dual rear fogs. I use
these when some &*&# jerk tailgates me and I've got no room to run away
(you know heavy traffic, cars in front). 
One quick flip of the rear fogs usually gets them to back off...don't know
why...they won't do the same for brake lights...anyway if that doesn't
work, I either dump the oil or the tacks, depending on how I'm feeling... 
A single fog prolly wouldn't have the same results... 
BTW, actually had a car once with bad rings (valves?) that if I let off the
gas a bit on the highway, and then got back on it, I'd get a heavy cloud of
oil smoke out the tailpipe...worked great for tailgaters ;-) 
Never did have one with the Ben Hur hubs tho.  
Lee M. Levitt