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Re: Internet Phone

> This ain't Audi related so if you're offended by lack of Audi content hit
> <Delete> now.
> OK, You still with me?  Anyone out there using Internet Phone service?  If
> you are, I'd like some info.  Assume that I'm like Sergeant Schultz - "I
> know nothingk!"

Read the last paragraph for mandatory Audi-content for you people who has 
www setup...

As *almost* everyone knows, internet connects computer systems all over 
the world. What many people didn't notice is that you often connect 
somehwere billions of miles away without paying "long distance telephone 
calls" -- which would be required if are tele-communicating through 
telephone service.

The point was raised to me by my sister, who (not surprisingly) like to 
talk on the phone and is averaging more than $200 per month herself. Long 
story short, it IS possible to use internet as a phone line (or more) if 
you have proper stuff. Video and audio digitizers have become common 
these days (commonly sold as "video capture card" and "audio card").

I don't know what exactly is "Internet Phone Service," but you can 
utilize your current internet setup. You first need audio card that can 
digitize and playback audio; if you want video, too, then you'll need 
video capture card. Then, you need the appropriate software. For Windows 
and Mac, there's CuSeeMe (freeware from some university in U.S.); for 
OS/2 there's Person-to-Person (bundled ware with every OS/2); and there 
are also appropriate software if you're doing X-Windows on the Unix 

Of course, the person you want to dial to must have same setup as you 
got to have the things work. There are several catches -- like real-time 
response. Messages going through internet is relayed back and forth, so 
it's almost real-time but it's not. Also, it would help a lot if you have 
high-speed connecting to internet. Many .gov and .edu has T1 connection, 
which helps a lot if you're directly connected to your server -- not 
mentioning that .edu/.gov people can get this thing running for 
practically free (sans the equipment setup).

As for people who got Audi page up, you can store something other than 
just pictures and words assuming more and more people have these audi(o) 
thing setup. Other than the images, you can imbed audio in the page of 
the sound of that Audi, for example. Or how about small clips of 
home-made movie of what incredible things you did with your Audi, for 

There -- mandatory Audi content.

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