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I LOVE these cars!

Hi gang,

Well, here in North Iowa we've been hit with snow the last two days
in a row.  Yesterday we got 6.3 inches, and right now we're
getting on heck of a blizzard!  The drifts are anywhere from 1-3
1/2 feet high right now, so the roads are REALLY badly blocked! 
(The snow plows have been pulled off the roads in fact).  Anyway,
I've discovered a new use for my Quattro.... driving (and road)
trailblazing!  YUP... I had a friend with an Accord (snicker) that
couldn't make it up our road until I had driven through it with
the Quattro in order to make a path for him to follow.  There
seemed to be a trend going on... all of my neighbors were returning
home from work and simply getting stuck at the end of the street. 
I just kept driving up and down the street and plowing the Quattro
right through some VERY large drifts driveways so they could get
into their homes.  I could have made about $50 tonight if I would
have accepted their donations, but the truth of it was that I was
having a blast playing 'escort' for all the other cars.  (BTW, one
car was an Explorer... and he would have made it if he would have
been able to keep the thing under control.  He ended up burying
his truck in a snowbank along the side of the road <snicker>.  SO,
I had to get the snowblower out for that one.  ;)  I had more than
a few people ask me how the heck I could make it through all the
snow... Quattro! I said....  and now they believe!  :)  One Volvo
driver commented that he was going to take one for a test drive
-he was truly amazed by my little 4kCSQ -and so was I!  I LOVE

Drive safe... conquer the drifts... drive a Quattro!  :)

Darin (in extremely snowy Northern Iowa)