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quantums for sale

Sometime back, Tom posted his quantum syncro wagon for sale, and
got several response from the list about it, one of those responses
being mine. Tom just sent me this list of available ones, and since I'm in
the process of buying a different one, I'm forwarding this to the list. I
don't know anything about these particular ones, but I am excited about 
finally getting one. I've wanted a quattro of one sort or another since 
watching michelle mouton (sp?) blast through the pits at the pikes
peak hill climb in the mid 80's (year, and speed actually).

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>If it's not too late, I ran across these two on the net today:
>'86 Quantum Syncro wagon, 77k, new clutch/tires, 5 speed, A/C, exc. condtion,
>$3995 206.517.2886 (Seattle dealer)
>'87 Quantum Sycnro wagon, 72k, 5 speed, loaded, $4950 408.293.3737 (San Jose
>You might want to pass them on the quattro list since there were several
>responses to my original posting.