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Aspen Police = SAAB!?


          Thanks for the info!  A SAAB 9000S turbo isn't as good as a 5000/200
TQ, but is a lot better than the standard police issue Caprice/Grand Marquis!
I think SAABs are pretty cool and they are supposedly very good in snow...not n
ear as good as quattro, but, like above, a lot better than the standard police
issue crap!

          BTW, The state of South Carolina was issued a BMW M5 "High Pursuit Ve
hicle" by BMW...a kind of tank you for giving them all those tax breaks on the
new BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC (an immaculate and impressive plant it is).  A
lthough I havent seen the car it is supposedly silver (like all SC State Troope
rs) and has all the lights and trimmings.  I would not reccomend trying to outr
un that one!  But if I was every pulled over by it I would have the officer tak
e a picture of me getting pulled over by the famous M5 Patrol Car! ;)  That wou
ld be one for the scapbook!  I just don't think that would be worth a ticket th
ough....but hey, if your gonna get pulled over, get pulled over in style!