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Re: My Suspension is FIXED

Hairy green toads from Mars made Albert Ng say:

> My project is to change the shocks of all conners since my 5kcst needs a 
> set of new shocks badly, and, also have the car for alignment. Unfortunately,
> I kinda shortage of $$$, therefore those bushings underneath my car may have 
> to wait for few months. Anyway, below is my little questions.
> 1) I decided to put the Boge Turbo gas on all conners, is that a good idea?
>    All I wanted to have is the handling a little bit better than stock, and 
>    not too harsh when hitting bumps.

The Boge Turbo gas are good, but they are pretty stiff. I used them on
my old prepped-up VW Golf, and liked them a lot, but they were harsh.
They are still recommended as one of your best bets, though.

> 2) If my car needs alignment, could my car('87 5kcst fwd) use the same 
>    alignment setting you mentioned in the post? Also, any side effect for that
>    setting?

1/2 degree negative camber is good for almost everyone. It helps cornering
a lot, with little extra wear on tires (which more negative camber would
increase).  It does make the car "track" a little less well on straight
roads, but nothing much to worry about.

HOWEVER: don't bother aligning your car if you're going to replace the
bushings soon. You'd need to align it all over again.


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