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9004 --> 9007 Q

Hi all,

I've going to try a 9007 bulb in my 9004 US lens housing of the non-T non-Q
87 5000. I wuz wondering of any of you light and electrical gurus could
advise me as to the pin outs of the 9004 triple prong. I specifically need
to figgur out which one is ground and which one is powered (hot) supply for
high beam. From reading previous post, 9007's are like H4's. Reversed
ground and high beam supply.

I'm going to solder the new 9004 socket to a dead 9004 bulb base. Notch the
new 9004 socket and then I'll have true 'plug and play' adapter for the
9007 bulb.
FYI, the GE 9007 are N-S filamented bulbs running 55/65W. My old GE 9004's
only came in 45/65W.

Guess I should splurge for that vaunted SunPro 7678? meter.
Think the old method of tasting the 2 electrodes with my tongue might not
be a good idea with the 12V system. Probably a little more Amps than my old
Lego 4.5V power box.

Thanks in advance.

I'll do just one light first to report if there seem to be any notable
difference in lumen output. Snow or no snow since I can do the soldering
indoors.  *<:-)

Ernest Wong