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Re: Rear Wheel Bearings

     Yes and no, there are two ways to do this. First way is with the 
     Scheley(sp) puller a definate special(read expensive) tool that will 
     allow you to pull the bearing with out removing the strut housing from 
     the car. The second way is to pull the complete strut assm. out of the 
     car and press the old bearing out and the new one in. Either way this 
     is going to be a handfull.
     Good luck, Todd.

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Subject: Rear Wheel Bearings
Author:  Denny <dniels@atc.ameritel.net> at Internet
Date:    1/26/96 10:07 PM

  I am going to replace the rear wheel bearings in my 86 5kcstq. Do I need a
special puller or other tools?  
How hard is this to do?
any help would be appreciated