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Re: a MINOR tqc problem...


You have the better car; it just likes to know it's loved.

I don't believe my car's idle varies that way, though I can feel it at
least briefly if I change the load significantly.  I'll check more
carefully this evening.  In the meantime, have you checked the idle switch?
The ECU uses this switch to determine if it should be trying to stabilize
the idle (as much as it can).  If this switch is open or intermittent, it
won't know it's at idle.  When I checked mine a few months back, it was
high resistance at best and intermittently open.  I checked and replaced my
full throttle switch at the same time.

>Hi folks,
>My TQC is doing something weird (news flash), and I don't know if it's a
>problem, or if it's just the nature of the beast.
>When the car is warmed up and idling, the idle speed varies with the
>electrical load. With a large electrical load (heated seats cranked,
>headlights on, rear defrost on, etc), the idle is about 900rpm. When I
>start shutting off electrical consumers, the idle starts to creep up.
>When there's no electrical load, the idle is about 1050rpm.
>I don't recall ever noticing a cars idle speed vary with electrical load, and
>I only noticed it recently in my car. Is there something wrong, or am I
>just being hypersensitive to idle fluctuations. I've been chasing a rough-
>running-during-warmup problem for a while, so I might be fixating on the
>idle behavior too much. Although, a ~150 rpm change in idle is pretty
>A friend of mine just bought a 944S and he brought it over and let me check
>it out this past weekend. After spending a little time in it, I'm convinced
>that Audi's engineering team should be lined up and shot. The 944 is such
>a superior design on so many levels. Sigh. About a year ago I found a
>944 turbo S for sale with barely 30K miles on it. I could have had it for
>$13K if memory serves. But I passed on it and bought the quattro. WHAT WAS
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Richard Funnell,
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