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Re: Avant

In Europe commonly they refer to station wagon as an 'estate' and 
'saloon' as the 4 doors models. I remember I used to ask for a torch instead
of a flashlight and everyone would give me this funny look. Then they 
would ask me what need a blow torch for? 

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Alan Stork wrote:

> I think the europeans and Audi the car maker called the 5000 Avant an Avant
> before we americanised the car and called it a wagon. I own an 86 5KQ Avant
> and my father has the 88 5KQ Avant Olympic Special Edition. These are great
> large cars (people movers)!
> But you're right I just finnished getting the car registered here in
> California and the DMV didn't know what an Avant is. There is no Avant badge
> on my Q and it's from Canada, Eh. In fact while I lived there and saw plenty
> of Avants I didn't see any badges on them.
> >  
> >PS - The Canadians called all their 5000 wagons AVANTS, the
> >Americans did not. AVANT badges are on all Canadian 5000 wagons as a
> >result.
> >
> Alan Stork <astork@cts.com>
> 4x5000CSQ's   Got'em can't
> 1xJettaGLX       drive them 
> 2xSirocco16v    but still lots
> 1xGTI16v         of good parts 
> 1x944s             for u 2 drive.