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Climate Control System Making Noise - UPDATE II


Regarding you rnew tires --- was make and size did you decide to go withand
how are they?

Also, I thought you might be interested in an update on your car.  Here goes
(NOTE:  I got lazy so I copied/pasted the following from a log I keep
regarding my car): 

Took the car into DFC at 7:30 AM as scheduled and dropped the car off with
Mr. Chris XXXX.

Mr. Chris XXXX called me at my office at 11:00 AM and informed me that the
noise was normal and that there was nothing wrong with my car.  He also
informed me that when I cam to pick it up, the mechanic, a Mr. Johan XXXX,
would review the situation with me.  Mr. Johan XXXX informed me of the

1. He called Audi of America to report the problem (ie. evidently Audi of
American is building a database of complaints/problems).  Audi of America
informed him that there were two motors controlling the air vents.  The
first sound was the 'rough' adjustment whereas the second  sound was the
'fine' adjustment.  Audi of America informed told him that he was to confirm
the sound with me (ie. great, another trip to DFC for no reason) and to do
nothing until he reported back to Audi of America.

2. He had checked the operation of the heating system and that it was
'operating within normal limits' (ie. does this sound like Star Trek or what?).

3. He had compared my cars to others and the noise was common in all.  He
had yet to determine whether the noise in mine was less, equally or more noisy.

4. He pointed out that the first noise lasts for about three to five
seconds,  the second noise last an additional seven seconds and no noise is
heard thereafter until the climate control settings are changed.  This
appeared to be correct in the lot although I thought that the second noise
continued indefinitely.  I will check this more thoroughly in the next day
or two.

5.  That no damage would result from continuing to operate the car with the
noise as the noise was expected/normal.

6. That one either he or Mr. Chris XXXX would get back to me by 31/01/96
with the results of 1. and 2. above.

I then informed Mr. Johan XXXX of my concerns as follows:

1. That I am concerned that I would damage the car continuing to operate it
in this manner and that eventually the noise would go away as the two motors
burnt out.  Mr. Johan XXXX informed me that this was not possible as the
motors ARE moving the air vents.

2. That I had paid almost $50,000 for the car and that I expected it work

3. That I would not accept anything less than a resolution of the problem or
'irrefutable proof' that the noise is normal.

4. The car was returned to me dirtier (ie. interior) than I had dropped it off. 

Thinking that I was getting the royale run around (ie. read a line of sh*t),
I called Mr. Jeffrey Campbell -- owner of multiple (ie. read I do not have
enough fingers and toes to count them all) Audis and Porsches for a little
insight.  He informed me of the following:

1. Every one of his Audis and Porsches make that noise  and that it really
is normal.

2. He would be more than happy to listen to the noise in my car and let me
know whether it less, equally or more noisy than the noise his made.  I took
my car to his house (ie. it cost me a bottle of wine) and had him listen
only to be told the noise was absolutely normal!

I must admit that I am beginning to believe that the noise is endemic to
Audi and Porsche and am feeling much relieved that my brand new A4 quattro
is performing as designed.  That being said:

1. I am going to stay on top of the situation until a resolution to the
problem is discovered or 'irrefutable proof' that the noise is normal is

2. I love driving my quattro.  On the wasy back to my office I drove with
complete confidence despite the fact that there was six inches of snow on
the ground.

Well that's the saga!

Any comments?

TIA for your feedback/input!

96 A4Q 5 Speed