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Re: 90QC Widest tires? Susp tweaks? Steering?

     I personally don't have any experience with wheel/tire combos on this 
     model, but I think I may have a suggestion re. suspension.
     If I'm not mistaken, that car did not come from the factory with a 
     rear sway bar. (if it did, I'm sorry for the bandwidth)
     So, assuming that the car does not have a rear bar, the most sensible 
     way to resolve handling probs. would be to add one. The most 
     factory-like way would be to use a set of Front control arms (which 
     have the provisions for the sway bar) in the rear and add the front 
     sway bar mounts to the rear subframe, then install a front sway bar in 
     the rear of the car as well. In my opinion, this will tighten up the 
     handling more than anything else. 
     I'm sure other list members will also have suggestions for you.

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Subject: 90QC Widest tires? Susp tweaks? Steering?
Author:  rsco@lubrizol.com (Robert S. Cohen) at Internet
Date:    1/30/96 12:38 PM

Hi there-
I've been toying with the idea of upgrading my Coupe's wheels to  +2 (17") 
configuration. I think a 215/45R17 will fit. Can I go any wider on what I 
suppose will be an 8" wide rim?
Also, who are the sources for the suspension tweaks I keep hearing about? 
The coupe rolls/leans a good deal unless cornered pefectly, but FWIW rarely 
bids adieu to the road. I think I'd like to flatten it a bit.
Oh, one more thing. I get what I think is a pronounced oversteer when the 
steering is cranked over a good bit when accelerating from low speed (ex. a 
sharp left turn with oncoming traffic.) is this normal/ correctable?
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