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Re[2]: Peculiar Transmission Noise

     Ditto, happened to my 85 4ksq. Bugged the h*** out of me for a while.

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Subject: Re: Peculiar Transmission Noise 
Author:  STEADIRIC@aol.com at Internet
Date:    1/30/96 03:12 PM

>Has anyone out there ever experienced this one...A 1986 4KCSQ, in first, 
>third and fifth gears, there is a noise, almost like a hissing sound from 
>transmission are.  I say area because as I look down to the gear shift, that 
>is where the noise seems to be coming from.  The minute I shift into second 
>or fourth, the noise goes away.
>It's strange, because when it's in neutral, the noise is still there, only 
>less prominant, as long as the car is moving of course.  I checked the oil 
>level in the front dif and transmission, and all is well.  There isn't any 
>difficulty shifting through the entire range of gears, in fact it feels 
>perfectly normal.  No vibration that I can feel either.
It's the rubber shift boot, it has a rip in it thst is only open in 1st 
and 5th.
Eric Fletcher