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Re: Radiator Fan

In a message dated 96-01-30 19:31:49 EST, you write:

>It's probably due to the fact that your compressor is now running.  On my
>Jetta there was a pressure switch between the A/C compressor and the fan.
>Compressor + high temps = overheat.  The fan helps reduce the likelihood.
>test this try turning to ECON mode.

Oh, it turns off in Econ - my sweat was the fan running too much - In town
now, my temp is down about to 1/2 way - before I ran just under the fan cycle
point.  Also, I know that at freeway speeds I shouldn't need the fan - even
if the AC is running.  It bothers me that there is no real explanation of the
3 stage cooling fan system - just a disclaimer of "don't stick yer pinkies by
the fan".  The only part explained (with not much detail) is the temp/time
delay system after shutdown.  I know my old 79 5KS fan didn't run all the
time w/AC on.

Dave Head