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Re: 4kq engine help

> Overfilling an engine is not good.

Agreed.  I don't think that was it, at worst it was over
by 1/2 qt.

> To start with I would
> go buy 4 quarts of oil, a new filter, 5 new plugs and see what happens.
> This can't cost more than $20 and will verify if the engine is truely bad.
> With the numbers you are quoting for a used engine swap, $20 is noise
> and it will show if your current engine is gone. Start there and report
> back.

I drove up there this evening and did the following:

- drained oil (not too much in there, maybe 2 qts)
- added 4 qts Quaker State 10w30 (my usual winter oil)
- removed plugs.  #3 was definitely burned down, and in the #3 hole
I see some metallic 'thing' which I can't identify.  It was dark but
it was attached to the side of the cyl wall and I think it might be
the piston.
- did a comp. check (all plugs out, cold, WOT) and got 100-125 psi on
all cyl except #3 which was 0. 

> Just an uneducated guess, but I don't think the engine is gone. I have
> been wrong before though...

I wish you were right but I'm pretty sure it's gone.  Cyl 1 and 2 are
loaded with oil and have fouled plugs, #4 and 5 are pretty dry and plugs
are clean.  If I get bored one day I may tear down the old engine and
see what is the real story, but in the meantime I think
replacement is the best solution.

So folks... looking for a dropin engine for my 4000q.  Any
recommendations?  The turbo swap may be too much trouble right
now, although my mechanic (not the one who has the car now) says
it can be done without too much trouble.  And he's definitely much
cheaper than this guy.

Thanks for all the feedback.  I feel pretty stupid right now...

| Dan |

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