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Re: calling all TQC Owners.

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> He has a strange new noise to the car that sounds like a 
> rattle/knock at times.  Usually when idling normally, you blip the 
> throttle, you hear a knock knock knock knock then once it hits 1200 rpm, 
> it goes away.  To me it sounds like the darn cam is coming loose! He took 
> it to his local dealer and they said its a common thing on the TQC and 
> not to worry about it.

Yeah, right.  Knocking sounds coming from an engine are common!  Not in 
my garage! Sounds like nonsense to me (some pun intended).  There are no  
such strange sound coming from my '83 TQC (80K miles total, 15K with 
rebuilt engine).

Has your friend tried the isolate the source of the sound?  Top end, 
bottom, front or back?  How's the oil pressue? etc, etc.

'83TQC and a couple of 16V volkswagens