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Re: calling all TQC Owners.


> He has a strange new noise to the car that sounds like a
> rattle/knock at times.  Usually when idling normally, you blip the
> throttle, you hear a knock knock knock knock then once it hits 1200 rpm,
> it goes away.  To me it sounds like the darn cam is coming loose! He took
> it to his local dealer and they said its a common thing on the TQC and
> not to worry about it.

Is the noise at idle or in the region from idle to 1200 rpm? From what I
remember on my TQC, I sometimes had a knock/slap type noise around
idle. It turned out that it was the timing belt slapping against the timing 
cover. Not really sure what was going on here as the belt was properly
adjusted. Before I decided to step up to the 89 200 engine, I was planning
on updating the TQC engine with the idler pulley and timing belt  from the
later MC engines, to help maintain belt tension.

Also is the crackshaft pulley bolt properly tightened?

Lots of luck tracking this one down.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 gt
83 tqc