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Re: Good high perf tires

Agreed.  I also have the Dunlop 8000s.  They are AWESOME in anything but
snow but USELESS at the first flake.  Since there are plenty of snow tires,
this is not a problem.  glenn

At 02:54 PM 1/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>As far as tires go...
>I have Dunlop Sport 8000s on my ur-quattro. They're 215/50 15. They are 
>great tires except that they get ZERO traction in snow (I've go Blizzaks
>for winter use), and they soak up nails and screws like I can't believe.
>Previously to owning the ur-q, I had never gotten a flat tire. Never in the
>Audi Fox, the 16V Scirocco, or the Prelude. Granted, these cars had all
>season tires designed to maximize mileage and tread life ('cept for the
>P600s on the Scirocco). After I got the quattro and put on the Dunlops,
>I got 3 or 4 flat tires in 15K miles.
>Sadly, the last screw that imbedded itself in my tire did so too close to
>the sidewall to repair. So now one of my $170 Dunlops is shot. And they look
>like they have about 10K left in them.
>So in every other respect (ride, noise, and grip especially), they are/were 
>excellent. And they looked like they were going to last about 25K miles. 
>Ain't bad for a sof compound Z rated tire.
>It's just that they have no puncture resistance. Or I'm just unlucky.
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