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Re: V8s 2 (and UFO brakes)

Hi, Todd, congrats on the V8.  One question for you; does it have the 
UFO (aka internal caliper aka friction rings) brakes?  

I'm the recent purchaser of a '91 200 Quattro 20v and am checking into
the cost of conversion to conventional disc brakes.  I have found a place in 
Chehalis Washington who say they know how to do it.  I'm supposed to have 
pricing info later today.  If you're not already familiar with it many people 
are interested in the conversion due to the likelihood of warping on the UFOs 
and the high cost to do a disc/pad changeout when they do warp ($1000).  It 
looks as though the conversion will cost more initially, but pay for itself 
down the line.  

    -Eric (ericha@wrq.com)

P.S. Like my USR Sportster v.34