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Re: Vermont q listers - need your help

There is wide variation in the way States collect tax revenue.
You need to look at the complete picture.
Some state's have no income tax, but they may have a whopping property
tax...which is what this annual $600 fee is in VT.
Sales tax is another biggee in some states
I used to live in Wyoming (1982) and they have a wierd system with hefty
Auto registration fees based on the car's value.
The annual tag fee was five or six percent of the car's "Bluebook"  retail value
If it was diesel they tacked on another $50...because there was no state tax
on diesel fuel like there is on gasoline.
Other taxes were low...no state income tax and low sales tax.
They got most of their revenue thru oil and gas exported to other
states...in effect getting most of their revenue from non-Wyoming sources. 
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