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German trip

I don;t know how much time you have in Germany to yourself
(is this a business trip or a v-v-v-vacation (remember those?)).

In munich, you may want to visit the BMW museum, but my real
treat was the Deutches museum, considered on of the 3 great
science and technology museums in the world.  A major emphasis
on industrial design and industrial/engineering history.
Great place.

The Hofbrauhaus, assumed to be an overhyped tourist trap (maybe it is)
is really quite good.  Excellent beer, among the best I had in bavaria,
plus good inexpensive food.

I stayed in a small hotel not far from Marianplatz (Mary's Square).
Aty the square, make sure to see the famous "glockenshpeil" (or soine such
spelling), the 15th or 16th century mechanical animated clock.  Amazing,
and noisy.

Bring CASH.  Germans apparently distrust both traveller's cheques (OK at banks)
and VISA.

Have a great time,