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5KCSTQ (1987): whats wrong with my car?

Hey everyone,

I just completed a 2300mile drive in my Audi and it ran realtively well -
averaged about 29mpg at about 77mph (with a bike on the roof).  

As of late, though, my car is dempstrating a strange behaviour - as foollows:

Hard strarting - cold start injector gets it going then it dies and takes 3 or
so minutes to get it running (at 40degf and hasn't run for 8 hrs). 
Car stumbles and chugs at mid and full throttle acceleration but ok at low
accelleration.  Can genarate full boost but it comes hard.  Car runs a little
over the first temp line normally.
Idles strange - about 1200 sometimes drops to a more normal 1000rpm but is

Ok, heres the neat thing - It goes away once in a while - ran perfect this
morning and at lunch time and ran auful on the way home.  Don't think is a
broken wirte cause is will run well for a few hrs and then bad for days and when
it runs bad the diags don;t show a fault which I figgred it would if a wire was

Tried the diags with the fuse in the fuel relay to no avail.  

I got curious and disconnected the multifucntion temp thingy - car ran much
better.  I can't find any info about it in the Bentleys, what does it do and
what page is it on.  

Can this cause all these problems?  Any other ideas?  I was hoping to poke
around the car this weekend so any help would be appreciated.  I apologize if
this is in the archives pr has recently been discussed - I'm about 20 digests
behind as I've bben on the road and I don't have web access yet.

Thanks again for your time.

Randy Paquette