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Who the hell cares about C&D?

Hi folks,

What's cool about Audis? Why did I choose an ur-q over a 944turbo and an 
E30 M3? Well, let's step outside the techie-engineering realm for a sec.
One of the coolest things about my car is its "underdog" quotient. Nobody
knows what it is, nobody cares, and everyone basically ignores it. I LOVE
THAT! Unlike an M3 and 944t, I can actually pull away from a traffic light
without being forced to race the person next to me. Unlike an M3 and 944t,
I can park it anywhere and not worry about it getting vandalized or stolen.
And unlike an M3 or 944t, it's not screaming "Officer! Give me a speeding

So before you demand that the world heap recognition and kudos onto the S6,
think about the real world, day-to-day life effect that recognition has.
All it really means is more money out of the pockets of folks like us - the
"cognoscenti" who recognize Audis for all of their qualities and can see 
tha they are excellent cars, journalists be damned.

Heck, there aren't enough S6s to go around as it is. Imagine if everybody 
wanted one.

And maybe, since C&D left it out of their test (in which it would have
undoubtedly recieved high praise), that used S6 you're going to find at that
car lot will be a couple grand cheaper - putting it in your price range!

I've heard that one of the big shots at C&D (Pat Bedard, maybe) has an 
ur-quattro as his daily driver. Truth be known, C&D probably left out the
S6 so all the staff members could run out and get one before the're gone.


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