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RE: Bosch wipers

>  Is it just me, or do these Bosch wipers suck immensly? On my '90 100 I
>put two new 'frames' ( not just blades ) on, about 9 months ago. The
>clips that hold the various pieces together do not clip well, they let
>ther pieces slide around, so then the blades will come out of the end,
>and the metal re-enforcements in the blade fall out, the blade comes out
>of it's slot, and then the end of the wiper-frame will make metal-glass
>screeching noises against my wiendshield. This sucks.

Be sure to have the blade 'locked in' to the wiper assembly. If you
look real close, near the end of the rubber wiper, at the end of the
channel which the wiper hooks slide into, there is a square hole which
hook needs to be locked into. It takes a bit of force, but once the blade
is in this position, it is not going anywhere. Also make sure the metal
re-inforcing spring inserts are oriented in the blade so the bow of the
inserts goes out at the middle of the blade. This give the correct
pressure along the face of the blade.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com