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Misc. Items and Matt's 100/200 question

First things first:

> From: "Barton P. Chambers"  <bartonc@mailhost.infi.net>
> On the other hand, I do like Kipling.   Have you ever kippled?
> Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart 

Nice to see you around, Bart!  I also dropped a note to this gent - 
let him know that contributions were welcome but spamming would 
result in becoming VERY unpopular VERY fast.

PS: Your note brings to mind certain verses like - "By the livin' 
breathin' God that made you, you're a better man than I am, Gunga 

RE - registration cost.  It does vary tremendously.  In my beloved 
Washington State, it's based on the car's VALUE every year - making 
it a very expensive place to register.  Here in TX, it's pretty cheap.

RE: Trip computers - ours is very accurate (except for miles 
remaining on gas...).  I agree that if you have made any changes in 
tire or wheel sizes it should be expected to be innacurate.

> From: Matt Jackson <MJackson@connectsoft.net>
> I am in the market for an 89 - 91 100 or 200. I am curious what problems 
> these cars tend to have and other things to look out for when buying used 
> audis.  I have been surprised to find same year 200t's priced similarily 
> to the 100's.  I assume that is because buyers are leary of the turbo on 
> the 200.  Any information would be a great help.  When I traded my 1980 
> 5000s with 200,000 miles in on a V8 Mustang Conv. a few years ago I had 
> no idea I'd be back to Audi in such a short time.

Matt, we really like our '90 200.  It replaced an 84 5KT and has a 
MUCH better A/C system, well laid-out dash, and generally seems to be 
a better sorted out car.  It has had fewer problems, too.

One BIG caveat: the automatic tranny in the 100/200 series up thru 
1991 is NOT strong.  It's a VW transmission and if you hop up the 
engine with any mods, it will take the slushbox out PDQ.  I recommend 
a stick in preference to the automatics.

Hey - if you can get a turbo, GET IT.  It's a stronger car and those 
on THIS list know how to use synthetic lubes - and will instruct you 
in how to drive a turbo so as to extend its service life - if you 
don't already know.  Enjoy.

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