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Re: 17" tires...

> Given the extra wheel width (BTW, the manufacturer is guaranteeing they will
> fit my car and will take 'em back if they don't!) I'm assuming it's going to
> be a tight squeeze and am considering going with a 215/40-17 because they'll
> be a bit shorter than a 215/45.  I also noticed that Tire Rack has 205/45-17
> Pirellis on a close-out special and these are not only a little shorter than
> a 215/45 but a bit narrower as well

> Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on this?  From what I gather
> in talking with various people, not too many folks have tried stuffing 8x17s
> under the fenders of these cars and therefore there isn't much wisdom on the
> subject available.

OK Jeff, I'll tell ya what I know, but will also claim that I'm no expert so
take what I've got to say with a grain of salt (or two, depending on your
taste.)  When I was looking for new wheels, I was sold on the S4 wheels (really
wanted five spoke wheels) which are 8 inches wide.  I met a guy at a QCUSA
event running the S4 rims on his Ur-Q, and he said he swap's 'em onto his '87
5kTQ with no problems.  You just need to run 205 tires.  I also saw an '89 200Q
running the S4 rims, but he had 225's (and boy did it look dumb, MAJOR rear
camber to make 'em fit under the wells, even with rolling the fender.)  Came
home & talked with a few Q experts (Ned R., John B., Scott J., Eric F.) and ALL
indicated that an 8 inch wheel was too wide to run a 205 tire on.  Something
about  breaking the bead or something, not sure, they just said don't do it or
you're begging for trouble.  I run 215's on my 7.5 inch wide rims, and everyone
seemed to think that was a dandy combination.  Can't see why it wouldn't work
on an 8 inch wheel, although it seems that an 8 inch wheel wants 225's.  Not
sure though.  Note that 8 inch wide rims will NOT fit under your rear wells, my
17.5's were about an inch too wide, and I've got a 30mm offset.  What's the
offset of your new wheels Jeff?  Audi says not to use less than 10mm offset,
you'll run the wheels into the struts.  Also, it's the width of the tires that
rub, not so much the height.  A 215 40 will look a little silly I think, my 215
45's look silly to me (of course, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder) if
you're looking at the car from a distance.  Any other questions, lemme know if
I can help!

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)