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Re: funky headlights

Dan adds:
> The blue lights are Piaa (the real ones anyway) for $100-150
> as mentioned here on the list.  Some companies make knockoffs
> for $20-50 (like Blazer) and that's probably what you've seen.

Graydon adds:
> 	These blue lights are not aftermarket, they are OEM on some very 
> expensive cars.  They are HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs, which are 
> indeed very similar to mercury vapour lamps.  They produce alot of light 
> for very little current, adn give tremendous definition to objects at 
> night.  I have driven with them, and really like them alot.  I have also 
> passed a number of cars with them at night, and they are not offensive to 
> passing motorists.  As far as I know, noone has HX replacements yet.

You can get 'em as bulb sets from PIAA. They are bright, they are
efficient and the light (as seen from driver's perspective) is
quite YELLOW!!! This may (or may not) make a difference.

I was going to put one in my K100RS. The PIAA guy at the auto show
warned me about the color. I bought a 100/135 W H4 bulb instead...

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