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Re: Someone's upset!

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Brendan Rudack wrote:

> Hey guys,
> 	I agree with the Honda stuff and all, but wasn't it C&D that put the 
> A4 on their Ten-Best list?  Granted, in my opinion C&D couldn't pick out 
> the ten best cars on the market if they wanted to, but it does give Audi 
> a good name which it hasn't had in quite a few years!

sometimes i wonder if Crap and Drivel (tm) simply react to the market.
i.e. honda sells well, therefore write glowing articles to please the
mass of owners (plus the advertisers of course)...

and cars that are spurned by the public get bashed, like audi has
for a while.  the good review on the A4 could be nothing more than
just pandering to the crowd.  

i find it amusing that Crap and Drivel (tm) doesn't get the same kind
of heat for pandering and flip flopping in the same way that the
current president of the USA is getting.

if Crap and Drivel (tm) was a person that held political office it
would have been burned to ashes by now.

when was the last time you saw Crap and Drivel (tm) stand up for
a car that was a commercial flop?  there were many great cars
that were commercial flops.  to argue that best = commercial
success is to argue that the MacDonald's big mac is the best
food in the world.