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Re: Help! Brakes sqeaking!

On  1 Feb 96 at 22:04, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>           Can anyone enlighten me as to what the problem is?  I would really ap
> preciate it.  I was thinking of having the local NTW (Tire chain) pull the brak
> es off and look at the pads next time I'm home since I am getting the tires rot
> ated and balanced again....but then again, I thought that might not be for anot
> her two weeks or so, so I was wondering if y'all had any reccomendations.  I wi
> ll be upset if I have to get new pads after only a year.  I know the pads are c
> overed under warranty, but I will still have to get the rotors resurfaced and p
> ay the labor for that.  I have had previously good experience with the Repco Me
> tal Masters and I'm wondering what went wrong?  Any help appreciated.

Absolutely have the pads looked at!  They may be fine.  I've heard of 
brake pads squealing simply because they weren't broken in properly.  
However, even after just one year, your pads may be worn out.  Simply 
having the pads looked at should be pretty cheap, while driving on 
worn out brake pads can get pretty expensive (and unsafe).


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