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Re: TSD Equipment Regs.

I plan on running the NER TSD series this year, and after the first one 
of the season this weekend, we found that the odo and speedo on the 4kq 
are horribly innacurate.
My 90 20V is better, and does not have that pesky trip computer thing. My 
wife's 80Q DOES have the trip computer, but if I use her car, would I be 
bumped up to Class A because of it? Im thinking of getting an Alfa pro 
with all the bells and whistles, but again, dont want to be stuffed into 
class A. Anyone know the real regs on if Im put into a certain class by 
my ability (or lack thereof) or by equipment.
     Bob, you WILL be in class A with an Alfa pro. You SHOULD be in class A 
     with a trip computer but I know the Ohio SCCA people didn't seem to 
     check for such things. (I guess they just expected people to be 
     honest, they weren't).
     If you want to be in the non-equipped class (C) you can have only 
     stock odometer and a non-programable calculator.
     I Forget the distinction between class A and B but the difference is 
     slight. A and B are the Big Boys with  the nifty toys, if you want to 
     move up there I recomend going all out class A. Class B is for class A 
     experts who are willing to give up a few of their toys to compete in a 
     less populated class. 
     Hope this helps,
     Rod Wiggins
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