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Re: open letter to Peter Wales of "superchips"

... thanks for the post Glen!  That is something that I would be interested 
in knowing myself.

Interestingly enough, I've been able to find out a little bit about Super-
Chips offerings myself.  It turns out that a QTC F/TCU with SuperChip mods 
had a little problem ... it was damaged during some undetermined electrical 
system problem.  The obviously faulty component was replaced (Zener diode), 
and the box seemed to be working on the bench.  I volunteered to let my car 
be used to see if the box was working.  After starting the car showed that 
it had basic functionality, I decided I'd try a quick road test.  The first 
test was to make sure that nothing was causing any 4k rev limit (nothing 
was), and then we had to test red line :).  Unfortunately I forgot to hook 
up the speedo cable (I had the gauge cluster out for other reasons) so all
I have is qualitative data.  I found that the rev limiter still worked, and
it sure felt to me that the car accelerated more quickly.  I wasn't expect-
ing any difference in performance since my car has the stock WG spring, but
it did feel quicker ....

It is my understanding that SuperChips may not change the ECU code, but they
do make some sort of hardware change on the PC board.  I'm looking forward
to hearing more from Mr. Wales about SuperChips ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)