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Re: ABS problems on my '88 5kCST

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris King say:

> Well, I just finished having new front struts, upper strut mounts, and
> front/rear brake pads installed.  The little brake pad wear indicator had
> started coming on as soon as I started the car and it was getting
> irritating.  And as for the struts, well they had been shot since I bought
> the car almost a year ago, so I finally decided it was time to fix them.
> What a difference...now the car feels tight and solid over bumpy roads,
> where before it would shake and rattle.


A new undercar suspension is wonderful, isn't it?

> Anyways, here's my problem:  When I start the car, the "Anti-Lock Off" light
> is not illuminated, which means the ABS system is functioning, and this is
> the normal operation.  As soon as I start driving at a speed between 1-5
> mph, the light turns on, which means the system is shutting itself off.  It
> never did this before I had the strut/brake work done.
> If I push the ABS button while in motion, it turns the light off for about a
> half-second, then it comes right back.  If I'm at a stop, the light will
> stay off until I take off.  Has anyone ever seen this happen and are there
> any ideas as to what this may be?  I was thinking that maybe a sensor or
> something didn't get hooked back up.  At least the new brakes are working
> great, and along with the struts, makes it seem like a new car.  I just get
> tired of hearing people ask "What's that bright, yellow light on the dash?"

This is almost certainly one of your ABS sensors being whacked out.
Probably the mechanic moved, jiggled, tapped, dropped, or spilled something
on one of the sensors while he was doing the brakes. Find a shop that
knows how to adjust sensors, and have them reseat all 4. This is DIY
if you want. If the problem persists, one of them is shot. They were
under $100 to replace as I remember.


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