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Re: Advertising on quattro list

On advertising...

I wrote:
> Before we get a flurry of complaints... I generally do not allow
> advertising on this list but in this case it is a product that
> benefits us particularly, and one which I was unaware that Superchips
> carries.  In the future though, no advertising Peter.

I got a lot of negative feedback to my note.  Let me explain:

I thought I was pretty clear - I didn't think this message was 
out of line since it announced the availability of something
we didn't know about.  But I wanted to make it clear that
advertising in general is not permitted on the list.
The rec.travel groups on usenet are a good example - a post
like "where's a nice, cheap place in the caribbean?" is sent
and followed up with dozens of messages like "we're the best travel
agency in the world, call us, bla bla bla."  I don't want that on
the list, nor I suspect do most of you.

So if a vendor has *technical knowledge* and is answering a 
specific question, that's fine.  Joel at Select Transportation
has been doing this as has Peter at Audionly (Joel's 10 line
signature has to go though).   This doesn't mean that if someone
posts and says "can you recommend a shock for my 88 90q?" that
the vendors can't email the person and say, "hey, I saw your note
and I can sell you Boge Turbo Gas shocks for $50 each".  That's
fine, I just don't want to see it on the list.  What I will 
allow is something like "based on our experience with Audis, 
we recommend Konis and Boges because xyz and abc."

Hope that's clear.

| Dan |
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