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Suspension Bushings

Hello everybody,

I have been away for a few months.. very busy with work and commodities 
trading.  Anyway, I just dropped off the OOOOwww-D 4000Q at the shop to 
have the suspension tuned up a bit for the autox season.

AS we were examining the underside of the car, we confirmed our 
suspicion that ALL OF THE RUBBER BUSHINGS ARE SHOT!!!  The suspension 
had so much play in it, my mechanic started to laugh.  We were able to 
move the front sway bar with one hand.  

The question is: Does anybody know a source for nylon bushings for the 
suspension (A-arms, sub-frame, sway bar)?  Are they the same parts used 
on other VW/Audi cars?

Also, we were wondering if the rear diff is 100% locked if you set the 
diff to the "lock" position?  He thinks it is only partialy locked... I 
thought it was totally locked.


Steven Verona
Going to the Nationals this year!!;-)