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Automatic transmission fluids

I think that all automatic transmission fluid is synthetic oil. 
It is more of a question of what type of synthetic fluid and 
the additives that go in it. Auto transmissions are highly 
stressed and have to run for 60k before changing the fluids and 
other tough conditions like that. No mineral oil would work in 
that situation. Some standard transmissions that are highly 
stressed will use auto trans fluid as the lubricant. The std 
transmission in the mid 80s camaros are like that if memory 
serves me correctly.

---------------some one wrote-------------------------------

From: "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 21:19:38 CDT
Subject: Jean's Tranny 
Howowever - it seems like most of those who have had their 
rebuilt have done OK with them afterwards.  I WILL say to Jean 
again - 
run a synthetic automatic transmission fluid.  The gent who did 
said that's the ONLY way he would do mine.  He said (and I 
that this tranny really needs it.