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Let us talk cold ...... Canada Re: Whoa!

Speaking for Canada.....and cold...

We have just gone through 16 days of -35C and more up 
here. (I'm the guy with the Wimpy Heater in the 4000q
At this temperature all heaters of the non blend type are 
poor ).

It was -75C /-97F including wind chill during a blizzard here in the south
part of Saskatchewan. (Actual data available from Weather Canada
upon request. 

I agree with below....
>>Don't get too carried away with how cold it is in *wherever* you
>>are.  Recall that there are listers lurking all over the globe,
>>the really cold places......Finland, Alberta etc.
>I actually didn't notice the big difference until I turned on the temp
>display.  It just felt a little colder than normal.
edited portion 
>It only rarely gets that cold.  Today it was back up to 10 deg.
>Also, block heaters are _not_ good for engines.  As any piston engine pilot
>will tell you,recent reports by mechanics and Lycoming(sp?) show that when
>block heaters warm up the engine, the tiniest bit residual moisture in the
>engine/oil causes rust all over the place, accelerated by the heat.  The
>general reccomendation is a warmup of less than half a day, only when
>necissary.  Any longer and the rust starts to build very quickly.
I digress , there are an estimated 20 million people with block heaters in 
Canada. A block heater is a necessity here not a choice. I have been spending
20 minutes idling in a car at  -35c that was plugged in just to get to move.
I can get it in gear but it takes over half throttle just to get it to
reverse out of the parking spot. The engine starts well but everything else
is frozen solid. 
Block heaters on a timer are good fix to a cold problem. IF the oil changes
are done on the 5000Kilometer mark with 5w30 the rust and water problems are
minimized. Keep in mind the humidity levels at this temperature are
miniscule. Without block heaters what is the cold start wear factor of the
bearings and cyl walls with cold engine.

Blatant Opinion - Lycoming(sp) are hardly leading edge engine technology.
Patrick  James                             86 4000q  - Year round fun.... 
pat.james@sasknet.sk.ca              82 Honda CX Turbo