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Re: Pumps and Racks...

In a message dated 96-02-07 00:51:56 EST, you write:

> Can the pump and rack suddenly, and without warning give out?  Is it
potentially as 
>dangerous as suggested? 

For a non turbo - after my rack seals gave out - I rebuilt it myself.  On
month later on a trip it blew out again - in disgust I cut the belt off and
proceeded on my way.  I then drove the car (79 5KS) another 9 months without
any power assist.  Made it hard to steer below 5 mph - beyond that, no

HOWEVER - for a turbo car, this provides your brake assist also.  You could
find yourself playing heck trying to stop 3600 lbs.  Currently my bomb is
bad, so no ABS, but otherwise, drives fine.  I suppose, in a pinch you could
block off the PS rack hoses and still operate...

Dave Head
87 5KSTQ