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Re: Differential Locking - a Racing View of low traction

I guess I will jump in with my experiences autoxing my 86 4kq last 
year.  I found the car to work best with the diffs open for most of the 
run.  If there is a high braking area (well all are hi
gh, I mean dropping a lot of mph) I will lock the center diff on the 
straight becasue the braking is much better.  Without it locked, the 
car had a tendency to lock up one or both of the front 
tires very easily.

Aditionally, if there was a really tight corner to accelerate off of in 
first gear, I would lock the center diff before of during the turn.  
This will allow the car to accelerate much harder wi
thout spinning the inside front as much.

The downside to working the switch during a run is the complication it 
adds.  If the course design allows for sufficient time to throw the 
switch and engage the lock, I do it.  On an average 60
 second course, I picked up almost 1 second if I had a braking and 
accelerating opportunity on the course.

I have noticed that my times are worse if the center diff is locked for 
the entire run... more understeer.

I know Glenn Powell likes to lock the rear only. This did not work for 
me at all.  I think it has to do with the fact that I was racing on 
BFGs last year and he ran Yokohamas.  I have not decid
ed on a tire for this year.... any ideas?

Steven Verona
86 OOOOWWW-D 4kq