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DIFFIE - q's

In a message dated 96-02-08 16:37:31 EST, you write:

>Yeah, sort of - there are serious differences due to speed and the relative
>tightness of auto-x courses Vs road courses.

Glen, let me gently remind you of my original post......

Clip >>>>>you NEED to lock the diffs on a 4kq or a urq on a dry track, some
serious looking at the chassis might be in order.  Specifically, SPRING
height, Spring weight,roll angle, ackermann effect, Chassis dynamics, and
driving style....  I assure you, glen, High HP does not lend itself to your
proposed style, BTDT....  If you are driving that way and getting BETTER
times, you have a CHASSIS problem, look hard at where and why.....  If you
don't want to correct it, you are correct in your assessment.  However,
putting/making up with/for design compromises should not be a goal, but a
target for improvement....<<<<<<<<

......  you have done your best to defend your position....   Me thinks that
you need to look very closely at that rule book.......  I'm not sure your
position 1-2-3 change couldn't be protested....   Some serious look at the
tie rods would be number 2, Eric and I had this discussion already with a
SERIOUS racer at QCUSA, Eric gave you a bigger HINT than you care to
know.....  That's fine, but bottom line, there are no locked diffs anywhere
on a road course.....   And auto-x, by definition is a ROAD course, esp when
my reference was to road vs oval, but hey, whatever.....  You claim to have
been doing things for 14years the way you have been doing them, fine....  Is
it right, not convinced....  Did you win trophies yes, becuz you made up for
compromises with a different driving style....  Eric's and my point is this,
a line is a line is a line is a line.....  Auto-x, oval, road, dirt....
  Turn.......   YOU ARE RIGHT if you take my original post above, which is
you WANT to take the compromise, then your locking of the diffs is THE way to
make up for them.  It is not the FASTEST or CORRECT way to gain speed, that
is in your head and in the line you choose and the COMPROMISES you
accept......  Come dance with a few of us who don't take that compromise, it
might help you, Eric and I have trophies too, that's not an argument, the
line in an auto-x is no different than a road course, it's just done with
cones instead of curbs and barriers....  If it still doesn't work for you,
accept it, and drive the way you want, but locking the rears changes the line
you must take.....  That is where Eric and I disagree with you.  This whole
thread of posts is unecessary, Glen, you have found a little trick for you
that works, great.  But, given the fact that you are THE ONLY ONE using this
technique in all the Spool Development that has been done over the years, are
you really sure you want to TEACH that to the rest of the drivers here?